To exceed your expectations in Curating Clean and Organic skincare, Grooming, Wellness, and Lifestyle products that are good for You, your Family, and the Environment.



Green Beau has done all the work for you.


 We have curated a vast range of grooming, skincare, and wellness products  so you can get to the business of choosing healthy and sustainable products for you and your family.


 We have read the ingredients twice and then once more making sure that everything falls well within our strict standards of Clean,Non Toxicand Cruelty Free.


The products we offer will never contain Petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, parabens, synthetic fragrance, Dyes, glycols, silicones or PEGs.


We have scrutinized the companies we carry making sure that their services are environmentally sustainable.


We have made sure that we offer a wide variety of products for all of your  lifestyle needs. Whether your concern is convenience, budget-friendly options, or choices that benefit your partner as well, we have all-in-one, unisex, and well rounded products to fit just what you are looking for.


    No B.S. here. No toxins, no compromise, no unsustainable companies, no girly foo-foo things (no offense ladies). Just the facts and all of the skin-loving benefits for men and their families.


    Green Beau was started to help men navigate through the world of Clean and Organic grooming, skincare, wellness, and lifestyle products.There are a lot of claims out there about “Natural, Clean, and Organic” products and most don’t measure up. Companies end up mixing harmful toxins in with a few natural and or organic ingredients and call it healthy. They don’t concern themselves with the long term effects. But we know you do!

     Green Beau “Helping You Save Face.”