Bacne and Chimples- the Struggle is Real

Bacne and Chimples- the Struggle is Real

Whether it is from a post-gym sweat sesh' or an odd pimple or two on your posterior. We’ve all had it. You can’t reach ‘em and they’re a pain in the neck to get rid of and you get the fun bonus game of seeing if your PIC is gonna notice and start popping. Why do girls like that? We don't know but what we do know are some ways to prevent it and a few easy treatments for mild to more severe cases.

"Bacne" is no different than acne on your face or chest. The triggers and treatments are essentially the same. Once you understand what causes them it’ll be easier to get rid of them quickly or prevent them in the first place altogether.

Your genetics, hormones, infection, diet, level of stress and medications tend to dictate whether or not you’ll have bacne. On a genetic level, some guys are prone and some just aren’t. Hormones play a huge role in the development of bacne as well, testosterone being the primary culprit. Testosterone is a double-edged sword. Not enough and you’ll likely suffer from fatigue, low libido, muscle wasting and even depression. Too much and though, you’ll be muscled but you may just have bacne up the wazoo. Local infection of the skin with Propionibacterium acne is another major cause, whereas poor diet, high levels of stress, and medications such as corticosteroids may increase the severity of pre-existing acne.

Now that we’ve gone through some of the major causes, what happens at the level of the skin. It’s really all about the hair follicles. There are these tiny sweat glands that butt up against the base of the follicles. Whenever there’s a blockage of these glands, we tend to see acne in places we don’t normally see it (aka bacne, chimples, etc).

Can you fix it? Well, call me Bob the freakin’ builder because yes we can.

We’ve broken down some more conservative treatments but depending on the underlying problem, you may need to see a dermatologist or doctor to get your hormones or skin back on track. More conservative treatments won't interfere with the doctors' orders and can be administered right at home to get the process going ASAP.


Do not wash affected skin more than twice daily. Over-drying or irritating the skin can sometimes cause more problems than just leaving it alone!

If you’re at the gym and can’t make it the showers right away or doing some other sort of sports / physical activity- you are best-advised to wash the affected area thoroughly after. Can’t make it to the showers?

Indie Lee’s AHA Peel Pads

A great way to drop a little dose of treatment and clean the skin of any sedentary dirt and debris. They work well for acne as well as preventing scarring and discoloration.

Moisturizer is another great way to keep the skin from being too thirsty and can also have added acne-fighting benefits depending on the formulation.


Cruxe Charcoal Facial Scrub

Exfoliation and detoxifying are great for a number of skin conditions, especially stubborn back breakouts.

Cruxe facial scrub contains Pure cane sugar for scrubbing power, with a combination of bentonite clay and activated charcoal to zap excess oil and pull impurities. The woodsy aroma is masculine and non-irritating.

A few final notes- the truth is, skin conditions can be embarrassing and no one escapes a few blemishes here and there- but to be perfectly honest, women tend to not care very much at all whether or not you have bacne. It happens to them too.

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